AG Kilmartin Urges Drivers: Keep Your Eyes on the Road, Not on Your Phone…#ItCanWait

People today often remark that their whole lives are on their cell phones. Unfortunately, too many lives have been lost because of the distractions of using a phone while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. That’s the heart of the message of “It Can Wait.”

With recent studies showing that seven in 10 people are still using their smartphones while at the wheel and a startling number of drivers snap selfies or video chat, Attorney General Peter F. Kilmartin is using the "It Can Wait" campaign to educate teen drivers on the dangers and consequences of distracted driving.

Now in its sixth year, Attorney General Kilmartin is once again joining partners the Rhode Island State Police (RISP), and AT&T to bring the "It Can Wait" campaign to schools throughout Rhode Island.

"This past year, Rhode Island took a great step forward in cracking down on distracted driving with the passage of ‘hands-free,’ but passing a law is not going to make the habit go away," said Attorney General Kilmartin. "Education is a key component to changing driver behavior and teaching young drivers the right behavior from the very start. The response by students to the It Can Wait school program has been very positive since it was launched in 2012. We have made almost 80 school presentations since then, often returning to the same school year after year to speak with the new batch of young drivers. We realize that it can be difficult to change behavior, but we hope that through peer influence and by hearing some of the tragic, real life situations that have resulted from distracted driving, more teens will realize that no text message, snap, tweet or Instagram is worth losing their own life, or worse, taking the life of another person. It Can Wait."

If you are interested in having Attorney General Kilmartin bring the “It Can Wait” campaign to your school, please contact Donna Kirwan, Assistant Public Information Officer, at (401) 274-4400, ext 2268 or via email by clicking here.