Insurance Advocacy Unit

The Insurance Advocacy Unit’s primary function is to represent, protect and advocate the rights of consumers at insurance rate hearings and in the insurance marketplace pursuant to R.I. Gen. Laws § 27-36-1.

The role of the Advocate in public hearings where rate changes are requested is to independently evaluate the rate change requested, and when appropriate, recommend alternative rates to those requested by the insurer to the regulatory agency. The agency can then approve, modify or reject the rates requested by the insurer and also has the authority to adopt the alternative rates recommended by the Attorney General. In addition to reviewing requests for rate changes made by insurance companies, the Insurance Advocacy Unit provides assistance to many consumers each year to assist them with insurance-related issues, such as denials of payment for treatment, access to medical treatments and procedures under their policies of insurance and other rights under their various policies of insurance and Rhode Island laws.

To seek the assistance of the Insurance Advocacy Unit, you may contact us by telephone at (401) 274-4400, ext. 2225, or complete the Request for Assistance Form.