Promote Open and Transparent Government

We value transparency in state and local government. When government decisions are debated in public and made open to inspection, the result is a more engaged citizenry that is invested in its community.

We see the public demanding transparency from their government in the record number of open government complaints our Office receives. Our expert attorneys apply the balancing test when conducting APRA and OMA reviews. In addition to asking whether information could be withheld, we consider whether it should be withheld.

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25th Annual Open Government Summit

25th Annual Open Government Summit

Friday, July 28, 2023, 9 a.m.-12 p.m. Join us at this year’s Summit, presented virtually in partnership with Roger Williams University Law School Alumni Association, for an opportunity to discuss the important requirements of the Access to Public Records Act and the Open Meetings Act.

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Attorney General issues APRA finding in The Providence Journal v. Rhode Island Convention Center Authority

As detailed in the finding, the Office of the Attorney General found that a company the Authority hired to perform work on its behalf is a public body, as defined by the APRA, and therefore must produce records that are defined as public within that statute.