About Our Office


The Rhode Island Attorney General’s Office advocates for and protects the people of Rhode Island.

As the State’s top legal official, the Attorney General stands up for consumers, defends civil rights, investigates and prosecutes criminals, fights public corruption, and protects Rhode Island workers and the environment.

One of five state-wide general officers elected by the people of Rhode Island, the Attorney General is responsible for both criminal and civil legal matters on behalf of Rhode Islanders. Our Office prosecutes all felony criminal cases and misdemeanor appeals, as well as misdemeanor cases brought by state law enforcement agencies. Additionally, the Attorney General represents all agencies, departments, and commissions in litigation, and initiates legal action where necessary to protect the interests of Rhode Island citizens.

Thousands of cases are prosecuted by this Office each year. We handle upwards of 800 calls per month in our consumer protection office. Our sharp, knowledgeable attorneys – from seasoned lawyers who have been with the Office for decades to new attorneys just out of law school who are hitting the ground running –specialize in the many disciplines this office handles.

Our Office also operates and maintains the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation, which is the central repository for all criminal records in the State.