Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault

The Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault prosecutors in the Special Victims Unit address crimes of violence committed among family and household members in Rhode Island. Among our primary goals is to ensure victim safety and offender accountability.

In addition to handling felony trials and misdemeanor appeals in Superior Court, these prosecutors handle bail hearings, violation hearings and motions to reduce or set bail. They also regularly argue against victims’ motions to vacate No Contact Orders against offenders.

We also coordinate, along with participating police departments and Day One, interviews of adult women and men who are victims of sexual assault. Additionally, we conduct training sessions for law enforcement officers at local police departments and police academies, as well as for city and town solicitors statewide, with a focus on proving cases without the participation of reluctant victims.

If you are or know someone who is a victim of domestic violence, you can find agencies that can help on our Resources page.