Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor

Federally funded, the Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor (TSRP) oversees the prosecution of all alcohol-related driving accidents, law enforcement training and community outreach for motor vehicle safety issues, including underage drinking and texting while driving. The TSRP also assists the Department of Transportation with highway safety public policy and education initiatives.

The TSRP is involved in all stages of the prosecution of motor vehicle crash cases, with the goal of the program to have early involvement and provide assistance to law enforcement at the time of the crash. In this capacity, the Office of the Attorney General provides a great resource for police departments in their initial decision-making process and in obtaining warrants for evidence in criminal cases. If the offense rises to the level of criminal negligence, the TSRP prosecutes the cases for the Office of Attorney General. Last year, the TSRP charged approximately 100 cases involving motor vehicle accidents and fatalities.

In addition, the TRSP will review any fatal crash at the request of law enforcement to determine whether the conduct of an operator rose to the level of criminal recklessness.