The Open Government Unit offers various training programs each calendar year that are open to the public. Public bodies can also reach out to us to schedule a training session for a specific public body or municipality. To maximize resources and promote open government, presentations/trainings should be made available to all city/town departments and all agency departments. Contact us at or 401-274-4400, ext. 2490 to schedule a training.

The Office of the Attorney General hosts an annual Open Government Summit with support from the Roger Williams University School of Law Alumni Association and Clerkbase. Access a video recording of the Summit and event training materials below.

View the 2023 Virtual Presentation here.

By law, every public body must have at least one designated individual who is trained and certified to handle APRA requests. Public bodies must certify annually to the Office of the Attorney General using the form below that designated individuals have been provided orientation and training.

The training requirement may be satisfied annually by attending a training session in person or by viewing a recent video of an APRA presentation by the Office of the Attorney General. Attendance or viewing must be certified to satisfy the requirement.

  • Review rules & regulations and certification form

  • Submit certification form

    Submit the certification form to, or mail to:

    Attn: Open Government Unit

    Rhode Island Office of the Attorney General

    150 South Main Street

    Providence, RI 02903