Healthcare HR

Our office plays an important role in ensuring that quality healthcare is accessible and affordable for all Rhode Islanders.

From serving as a regulatory authority in major hospital transactions to advocating on behalf of all Rhode Islanders, the Office continues to make important strides when it comes to expanding our role in healthcare.

    Here are a few recent highlights:

    • We put affordability front and center when insurance companies pushed to increase insurance rates during the middle of a massive public health crisis.
    • We worked to ensure that vaccine distribution was guided by public health and done in accordance with the guidelines provided by the CDC, and that entities charged with vaccine administration did  so in an equitable and transparent manner.
    • We took steps to build a top-notch healthcare team in the Office to execute our crucial role under the Hospital Conversions Act (HCA) as one of the main regulators of potential hospital mergers in the state.
    • We introduced legislation passed by  the General Assembly that strengthened the Office’s oversight role under the HCA by adding antitrust review, extending the monitoring period after  a transaction, increasing the monetary fine for violations, and simplifying the judicial review process.

    The Rhode Island Office of Attorney General reviews proposed hospital conversions pursuant to the Hospital Conversions Act, R.I. Gen. Laws § 23-17.14, et. seq.

    For questions about the Initial Application, please call the Office of the Health Care Advocate at (401) 274-4400.

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